Track record

Sale of Nightbalance to Philips

Health Innovations has sold its interest in Nightbalance to Philips. Nightbalance is the developer of the Sleep Position Trainer, an innovative and user-friendly treatment for position dependent sleep apnea and position dependent snoring. Philips acquires all shares in Nightbalance.


Sale of Novicare to Gilde Healthcare Services

Health Innovations sold its interest in Novicare to Gilde Healthcare Services. Novicare provides treatment services for nursing homes. Together with Gilde, Novicare can become active throughout the Netherlands in the coming years and further expand its service.


Sale of Netmedical to MediZorg

Health Innovations sold its interest in Netmedical to MediZorg. Netmedical offers solutions for patients who need medical care at home, especially in the area of diabetes care and light therapy, using and telemonitoring. MediZorg wants to use its acquisition of Netmedical to strengthen its position in eHealth.


Sale of Zibber to Ooperon

Health Innovations sold its interest in Zibber to Ooperon. Zibber provides image telephony and monitoring solutions for the elderly, caregivers and healthcare providers. Through this acquisition, Ooperon improves its position as provider of personal security and communication in nursing home care.