Investment criteria

Looking for partnerships

We invest in companies that make a positive contribution to Dutch healthcare. These are companies that use their product or service to make healthcare better and more affordable. We are looking for companies that offer practical solutions for healthcare issues and that also offer an interesting business case. We enter into partnerships for a period of three to eight years. The first financing round is usually an investment of €100,000 to €750,000. We become a shareholder in the company through the financing and deploy our knowledge and network.

The focus of Health Innovations:

  • Digital Health
  • Health technologie
  • Health Services
  • eHealth
  • Prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring

Our investment criteria:

  • Healthcare gain: better and more affordable healthcare
  • Dutch company 
  • Technological innovation in healthcare
  • Strong entrepreneurship
  • Seed and Growth stage
  • Attractive financial profile and growth opportunities

If you have a start-up company, are looking for financing and your plan fits within the above criteria, please send an email to Please include a brief description of your business plan. After a brief check of whether your investment falls within the key conditions, we invite you to explain your plans.